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HTC HD7 Review

HTC is a brand pseudonymous with advanced technology and innovating design with as much as 30% of its total workforce dedicated to research and development. Going by this fact, it is not hard to see that the HTC HD7, the Taiwanese corporations latest handset, is a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone sector. What makes it particularly special is that because of the collaborations between Microsoft and HTC, the new HD7 will preview the latest Windows Phone 7 operating system. With HTC being a company so driven by the development and integration of new smartphone technology, it is no surprise to find that the HD7 is a phone that is, on paper, more capable than almost anything out there. The biggest selling point, apart from the new WP7 operating … Read entire article »

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Is Trading My Used Mobile Phone Worth The Effort?

It is amazing how technology moves so advance. It seems just a couple of years ago when the only thing I could do with my mobile was ring someone, now I am able to text, post my message on facebook, check my e-mails, even do my shopping. It is also my calculator, my diary, alarm clock, taking pictures and even a torch sometimes. The problem with this is, with so many new applications and new models being released nearly every year, I cannot keep up with it. Also, I have to change my handset] every year and I have not even [spin]understood using the other one. And what am I to do with the used handset? As far as I am aware, I have about … Read entire article »

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