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Secrets About Upcoming Iphone 5

The farther into 2011 we get, the closer we come to a new version of the Apple iPhone. Apple has released a new iPhone each year like clockwork — so what can we expect to see in the iPhone 5? As it always is with rumors, the iPhone 5 has been associated with just about every new technology out there. Here are the things that seem most likely to actually happen: Summer release date This is a no brainer because Apple has been quite consistent in releasing a new iPhone around June or July of each year. You can expect with reasonable certainty that Apple will do the same with the iPhone 5 in 2011. Faster, multi-Core processor One of the most widely reported and sourced rumors is that Apple is manufacturing a successor to … Read entire article »

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Reasons To Buy The Iphone 5

The iPhone is something that is marketed as being more than a phone. It offers multiple capabilities that people wish for in a device and so much more. The iPhone was originally released to the public by Apple over 3 years ago with a new version being released every year with changes in both style and functionality as well. Every year the device seems to get hotter and hotter while more people try to purchase them and hop on the band wagon. One of the most appealing features of the iPhone is the ability to surf the web on it. How many times are you on the go and find yourself needing to look something up on the internet? The iPhone uses Apple’s own browser, Opera, to allow users full access … Read entire article »

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