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Samsung Continuum Review Article

Some time ago when the Samsung Fascinate, a Galaxy S cell phone, was released for Verizon, that it was the first device for the carrier to sport a Super AMOLED display. Now a new Galaxy S-labeled model has hit the streets, just in time for the Holiday shopping season – the Samsung Continuum i400. Both devices share similar features, for example running on the Android 2.1 computer with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3 user interface, and also working with a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and a 5MP autofocus camera. So what’s the variance, you may ask? It basically comes down to some things: the Continuum has two Super AMOLED displays (more on that later), and it’s overall a smaller device. Design The Samsung Continuum seems as if the Fascinate got hit having a shrink ray–in … Read entire article »

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Android Phone Is Selling Far Better Than Windows 7

UK mobile phone outlet please today announced that Windows 7 phone sales may be worse than originally reported. The information from mobile to its site as well as other networks that use its services purchased collected shows that only 3% with the smartphones were sold Windows Mobile devices. It’s far from being practically 45% Android sales accounts on the site, permit alone die Symbian platform. In spite of public opinion through marketing for Windows Mobile, Apple even now need phones bombed, and to please mobile, HTC phones Android. There’s even a greater demand for BlackBerry, a company that quite a few experts recommend technology dies. What does this mean for Windows 7 and Microsoft mobile strategy as a whole? is pumped Given the enormous amounts of income over a Microsoft platform (about … Read entire article »

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