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Android Phone Is Selling Far Better Than Windows 7

UK mobile phone outlet please today announced that Windows 7 phone sales may be worse than originally reported. The information from mobile to its site as well as other networks that use its services purchased collected shows that only 3% with the smartphones were sold Windows Mobile devices. It’s far from being practically 45% Android sales accounts on the site, permit alone die Symbian platform. In spite of public opinion through marketing for Windows Mobile, Apple even now need phones bombed, and to please mobile, HTC phones Android. There’s even a greater demand for BlackBerry, a company that quite a few experts recommend technology dies. What does this mean for Windows 7 and Microsoft mobile strategy as a whole? is pumped Given the enormous amounts of income over a Microsoft platform (about … Read entire article »

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Is Trading My Used Mobile Phone Worth The Effort?

It is amazing how technology moves so advance. It seems just a couple of years ago when the only thing I could do with my mobile was ring someone, now I am able to text, post my message on facebook, check my e-mails, even do my shopping. It is also my calculator, my diary, alarm clock, taking pictures and even a torch sometimes. The problem with this is, with so many new applications and new models being released nearly every year, I cannot keep up with it. Also, I have to change my handset] every year and I have not even [spin]understood using the other one. And what am I to do with the used handset? As far as I am aware, I have about … Read entire article »

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Must Have Accessories For The LG Quantum

People really start getting excited when they plan on getting a new phone, whether it’s the first smart phone for an individual or they are simply upgrading their contract. The LG Quantum is a fantastic cell phone with a number of features that make it an excellent choice for somebody who wants a new phone capable of keeping them connected. An individual can log onto their email wherever they are, work with documents, log onto social networking websites, and more without a problem. The design of the cell phone itself is also very nice with the qwerty keyboard. By checking out what LG Quantum accessories there are, an individual can fully customize the phone to their likings and make it perform even better. When spending a decent amount of money on … Read entire article »

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Blackberry Playbook Tablet Design

The blackberry playbook tablet design is sleek and light. Weighing in at 0.9 pounds, it sports a 7 inch LCD display and 1024 by 600 screen resolution that makes a field of wheat look good enough to eat. It offers a full size computer shrunk down into a tablet format. The reliable blackberry tablet OS is powered by QNX technology. The 1 GHz dual-core processor, symmetrical dual-core processing, and 1 GB RAM runs fast. If you pair with your existing blackberry via the secure Bluetooth connection or hard connection with its built-in microUSB connector you can access the 3G capabilities of your blackberry and make the blackberry playbook tablet the fastest free playbook tablet. iPod Touch 4th Generation The multi-touch screen is a crystal clear HD display. The on screen keyboard … Read entire article »

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Nokia N80 Quad-Band GSM Smart Phone

Nokia N80 combines high multimedia and business functionality in an elegant and stylish design with a slider form factor, which helps it keep a relatively small size when closed and be suitable for carrying it in your pocket –which is something most smart phones fail at. As one of best function rich phones of the N-series, it supports 3G networks with video calling capability, wireless network, a 3-megapixel camera and all this combined with a Symbian operating system turns the handset into a powerful device both for work and fun. People familiar with Nokia’s “history” may find out that the N80 resembles the legendary 7650 slider, which ran on a Symbian OS too and was the first phone with a built-in … Read entire article »

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