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Pros And Cons Of Using The IPad As An EReader

As usual, Apple iPad has created a great deal of speculation and curiosity. In fact, there are a lot of different questions about the capabilities of the device to complete with other eReaders. Can iPad be considered as a reading tool? To answer this question, there are pros and cons of iPad as a device to read books.

The pros of using iPad as an eReader:

– The very first advantage of the iPad is that it has a large memory capacity. Keep in mind that today Apple iPad comes in three versions – 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

– As well, iPad is much larger compared to the majority of eReaders, but at the same time it is compact.

– Apple iPad combines both multimedia and text by offering customizable and interactive magazine and news content.

– All eBooks could be bought without any challenges.

Cons of using Apple iPad as an eReader:

– First of all, it is necessary to mention that the iPad has low battery life compared to the battery life of some eReaders. And if you travel a lot, then this could be a real problem for you.

– Apple iPad has a high resolution glossy color screen like the majority of laptops have. And thus it is not suitable to read for long periods of time. However, eReaders do not have this problem.

– Apple iPad is much more expensive compared to the majority of eReaders.

In fact, the iPad is primarily a consultancy unit suitable for reading different magazines and newspapers, reading RSS, browsing the internet or working documents. As well, iPad lends greater attention to the text than on a computer since it creates a more direct relation to content with the user. In any case, the iPad has a potential to change our relationship with books and thus change our reading habits, however the transition could be slow and difficult, especially if it is not encouraged by attractive prices.

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  1. Good comparison. In my opinion, for reading books, ereaders are most suited as they are designed specially for this, where as iPads are built for a much wider functionality. Thank you for the good article.