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Is The Apple IPhone The Top Mobile Phone Available On The Marketplace?

The Apple iPhone is the most bought cellular phone on the market these days, I have had 3 previous iPhones the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th generation and I will be buying the Latest iPhone 5 when it is finally realised. When the iPhones first came onto the market with its touch screen I have to admit at first I didn’t like it and it took me a few months to properly get to grips with the touch screen, now it feels like it’s always been like this, the touch screen is fantastic. One or two things that I personally do not like about the iPhone are lack of memory having to transfer your documents to a PC just to free up some memory. Apple should install a … Read entire article »

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Double Resolution Screen For IPad 3

The paper quoted a source saying that the display will support quad extended graphics (QXGA), with Samsung Electronics and LG Display, the world’s two largest makers of liquid crystal displays (LCDs), close to securing big orders from Apple and iPad 3 The paper said that Apple had started quality testing Samsung and LG’s LCDs at one of its laboratories in China. Samsung and LG were required to produce screens with better picture quality and density, according to sources, who anticipate the testing process will be completed during the third quarter. ”Apple has traditionally preferred to use the same providers of the same parts for the same device, even as they evolve to different versions,” said its source. “I don’t see any fundamental change to that approach.” The paper points out a possible letdown … Read entire article »

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