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Reminding Oneself Using Your Cellular Phone

The common alarm clock function in a mobile phone may just be a bit over used and there are many other possibilities to use your cellphone to remind you of events, birthdays and other projects with out to buy high end smart phones for this particular personal organization process. In the United States, the common business professional or office employee requires to persistently update and reschedule their private organizers because of constantly altering schedules of conferences and other activities. Not to mention the challenge of balancing their business and private life that has become a consistent juggling act for numerous active professionals. That literally brings the need for these pros to get sufficient advice in time management and goal setting methods in order that they may be able to handle … Read entire article »

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BlackBerry 9780 – A Detailed Inspection

Ahh, the BlackBerry Bold 9700. It ranks extremely among this reviewer’s favourite ever cell phones. There is some thing excellent about the handset’s Qwerty keyboard and in addition the satisfying style. So when the Bold 9780 was announced, we were understandably energized, if just a bit puzzled. It’s so comparable to the Bold 9700 – what is the level of it? A minor refresh it might be, but worthy of the look in its own proper. Ah, swoon. The total Qwerty keyboard on the entrance of the handset is just as exceptional as that around the BlackBerry Bold 9700. It is straightforward to generate use of, the angled keys providing enough differentiation that once you develop to become accustomed in the direction of the small layout you’ll be tapping out tens of … Read entire article »

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BlackBerry GPS App – How To Track Employees Using A Blackberry GPS App

As an employer with teams working in the field, keeping track of their locations can be a costly and cumbersome task, however a Blackberry GPS App might just alleviate some of that burden. Not only can the BB GPS app, monitor employee locations it also allows you to know their whereabouts in case of emergency. Whatever your reason for monitoring your employees location, GPS Apps are a low cost solution to what can be a complex concern for employers. WHAT IS IT? A Blackberry GPS app is built specifically for use with Blackberry cellphones. Installation on the Blackberry cellphone generally takes no longer than 15 minutes per device and is done using the inbuilt web browser on the cellphone itself. Once installed you (administrator) can keep track of any and all Blackberry … Read entire article »

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Understanding The Mobile Phone Mania

The cellular phone has been utilized not merely for communication in Asian countries but it too have been a medium to express their status in modern society and the stereo type is quite simple to understand; the one with the most costly phone, he has more money than the other. It’s a basic as that. So just what do other people who is convinced that establishing their status symbol is so essential for their social survival? As outlined by MasterCard and Visa, massive numbers of their card holders who experienced a decline in coping up with their obligations and were forced to apply for an amnesty or a balance transfer to another financial institution are individuals who took out a mortgage to get a high end smart phone. This mindset hasn’t … Read entire article »

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Okay, so what’s the point? Don’t be that unlucky guy (and don’t be that rubbernecker either). He could have called a car mechanics savvy friend to help him out in his time of need, but his Blackberry wasn’t charged so he had no choice but to fend for himself. He really could have benefited from having a Blackberry car charger handy, but he only had a home charger that was incompatible with his car and sitting at home anyway. Most people do, since all Blackberries come with a home charger included in the package. Unfortunately, many people like Unlucky Guy don’t spring for the extra Blackberry car charger accessory for whatever reason. Maybe they don’t want to spend the extra money, or maybe they think that a simple home charger … Read entire article »

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Different Types Of Accessories For The Verizon IPhone 4

To start with, if you were to purchase an OEM accessory for the Verizon iPhone 4 instead of an aftermarket accessory, you have to be prepared to pay a lot more than purchasing aftermarket accessories. This is because OEM accessories from Apple tend to be expensive, as do nearly all Apple products. In essence; you’re basically paying for the Apple brand name and tag. For some people, this is not a problem; for others, it might be a big problem. You need to be sure if you are willing to spend money on an established Apple product. Beyond that, another advantage of selecting aftermarket rather than OEM accessories for your Verizon iPhone 4 is that you can potentially get more features for your money if you buy aftermarket than if you … Read entire article »

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IPhone Viruses: Precisely How Secure Is Your Smartphone

Computer viruses are almost everywhere today; not only are they costing businesses and individuals millions of pounds each year in costs in anti virus software programs and malicious software detectors. In the United Kingdom, online crime and computer trojans costs the UK economic system a massive £27 billion per year according a report that was introduced by the UK federal government and these amounts are actually more greater than the toll of narcotics in the British economy in the past five years. As if it is not currently getting even worse, here now comes a brand new stream of malicious codes that can cripple your i Phone. Said to be created by a mysterious 21 year old computer nerd, the new worm virus called “ikee” is distributing in Australia … Read entire article »

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